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Electoral constituency boundary changes & mapping tool

The Boundary Commission for England has begun a consultation into the changes they are planning to constituency boundaries following the enactment of Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Act 2011. This instructs the LGBCE to redraw the constituency boundaries to standardise the number of electors per constituency, plus or minus 5% away from the quota of []

Public Assets Map – Recreating DCLG Mapping software

DCLG last month produced their “Public Sector Assets Demonstrator“, which displayed on a map the locations of UnUsed Assets around the UK from central government departments and 60 “Pathfinder” councils as part of the Capital and Assets Pathfinder Programme. I acquired the data displayed on the government system, cleaned it and will be presenting it []

DCLG Public Assets Map database: #1 look

Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) working with Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) and Ordnance Survey have produced a Map of Public Assets showing council, health authority and central government department assets, both land and building. View the Public Assets Demonstrator Map The public dataset available lists all the assets in its raw format. []

Left Wing libertarianism

Historically I’ve always considered myself as a liberal thinker and politically motivated myself through the following ideology “That anyone can do anything so long as it does not negatively affect the life or dreams, or paths of anyone else”, a classic libertarian view point. However, a true libertarian would apply that ideology to the interaction []

Heysham South Wind Turbine Farm by Banks Renewables

Banks Renewables are putting in a planning application to build three wind turbines on farm land north of Middleton, close to the electricity pylons and the A683, and are 1km from Windermere Park estate & Middleton An assessment tower (60m) has already been approved is is currently operational A full planning application for the 3 []

Business Models – Position in the market

Where do you position your product or service in the marketplace? What value do you attribute to it? What business model to adopt? Sell it cheaply at high volume or sell it at a high price with a high brand value but at a lower volume. Conversations like this usually go on a stuffy Business []

Website Statistics – Where my hits come from

Monitoring your website is a very productive way to see where traffic is coming from. To allow you to see popular search web search terms from Google / Yahoo / Bing etc and see how your posts are being indexed. WebStats Monitoring tools At the moment the following trackers are enabled on my site and []

Twikini – Windows Mobile Twitter Application

I’ve recently been evaluting the use of various Twitter applications. Yes you can update your twitter in the UK via an SMS from your mobile but to review your timeline you need an application. Twikini is a lightweight very functional programme for Windows Mobile devices. Coming in at just 110k it still provides everything you []

Past Present Future – Transparency on a blog

Recently I used archive.org to copy blog post from back in 2007 when I started blogging (although RickSeymour.com dates back much further when it functioned as a place to store, my then, 3000 photos). Being Transparent If you have to hold back saying what you think you are not being honest with yourself, yes there []

Cabmaster Multicom Taxi Dataheads

You may like to read my Review of Taxi Booking Despatch systems Following a request I’ve put together a list of radios that work with Cabmaster’s now aging radio dataheads. I’ve used two types of dataheads, Cabmaster’s own brand Multicom and Datex from Diplomat. They communicate with the HOST application via a radio repeater linked []

Review of Taxi Booking Despatch systems

Recently I had the opportunity to view the range of taxi despatch (or dispatch if you prefer) & booking software that taxi companies use to book in jobs from the telephone and send the job out to the driver. Which software products being reviewed Cabmaster by Command Systems cPaq by Cordic Autocab by GPC Mercury []

Forced Silence

Ok this whole situation is rather annoying. I’m in a state of perpetual suppressed silence due to issues going on at Millers. It’s now the 4th of May and I’m still nonthewiser as to what is happening, waiting for Aprils pay and a P45 so that I can move on with my life and do []

Autocab in Booths

How bizarre! Was in Booths last night and bumped into the Jim Walsh, Sales Director for Autocab. Who’d have thought it!? Bread, delicatessen and taxi booking software. He asked where I’d been and how things were coming along with Cabmaster etc but obviously I had to be as tactful as possible (grr), and just say []

A day in the sun

It’s not very often that I have the chance just to sit in the sun and watch the world go by. Yes there are stresses in the world but I’ve said to myself that today I’m not feeling them and it’s totally working. One of the things I’m loving at the moment is the fact []


I’ve often wondered who reads my blog, and even considered a subscription based blog, using tools like feedburner etc etc, but on the whole as with most blogs this is more of a diary that I’ve decided to make public. RickSeymour.com used to be a place I could keep my photos safe and have a []