Rick Seymour

New mobile – Motorola ATRIX

When you reside yourself to using a phone that’s more than a decade old with a battery life shorter than a calculator, it’s then time to replace. So, from ebay I bought a Motorola ATRIX

Seawynds Hest Bank

The previous tenant called this flat “her little haven”, and that is a sentiment I can fully understand. This 1 bed flat in the centre of Hest Bank opposite (and overlooking) “The Hest Bank” pub, gives amazing views of Morecambe Bay on two sides, with near panoramic views of some of Lancashire’s most beautiful scenery. []

Broughton High School (Preston) – Class of 1996

Broughton High School, north of Preston Lancashire (Now Broughton Business & Enterprise College) is where I attended from 1991 – 1996. Here is the school leavers photo from the “Class of ’96”. The photo links to the Facebook photograph or you can download the full size (5mb) image.If you did attend, join the Facebook Group, []

BT Wind Turbine at Fanny House Farm Heysham

BT’s planning application for a wind turbine at Fanny House farm Heysham as part of their Wind for Change programme has been APPROVED. They plan to build a single 110m 2MW turbine behind the Windermere Park estate, on Heysham Moss.The application was approved by a vote with 12 Conservative, Green & Labour councillors voting FOR []

RMG writes to Millers Green & Meadows Reach, Heysham

Residential Management Group (RMG) has sent out letters to residents on the Windermere Park estate in Heysham (Millers Green & Meadows Reach) to say they are the management company selected by Miller Homes & Persimmon Homes. The letter states they will be invoicing for service charges for public liability insurance and maintainance of common land []

My 30 Rock Addiction

I love Liz Lemon (Tina Fey)….. there… I’ve said it. I’ve re-discovered my addiction for crazy ladies, for the cringeworthiness, for hot blondes on NBC… (ok .. more crazy ladies) Watching Season 5…… who’s with me!? 30 Rock Seasons from Argos

Just Do It film – Political & Environmental Activism

Just Do It is a film about direct action environmental activism and is filmed through an embedded journalist who chronicles the highs and lows over the course of a year. The film covers G20 protests, interactions with the police and how the decision making process occurs within the groups. But specifically how anyone can become []

Finally … a dentist in Morecambe

Today I received a letter from the “Dental Access Service” (based in Blackpool) after being on the NHS waiting list since June. I’ve now not been to see a dentist for over 6 years, having moved around the country. As each dentistry service is localised I ended up joining the list in an area at []

For the very first time

Well hasn’t it been a while. I’ve been…. busy shall we say. This week represents the first time that I can sit a bit back from the product I’ve been working on and go “yea.. that looks good”. Can’t release tooo many details just yet, but suffice to say it’s going to be big… and…. []

Being eaten alive

Argh! I’m being eaten alive. No not some canabalistic experience, but by some small critters. Amber my three year old cat, who is the world’s biggest whore friendliest cat ever, has recently “picked up” fleas and of course because she is adorable I sometimes let her into my bedroom. Maybe on second thoughts this might []

PlentyofFish.com – Date Night

PlentyofFish.com now has a feature called “Date Night” which allows you to make yourself available for a date next Friday night. This facility is an interesting one as most of the single people on there are looking for a date leading to something more (like a long term relationship), although some enjoy the dating scene []

Chateau Pierrail – Bordeaux Superieur 2006 wine review

This full bodied Bordeaux red was bought from Booths in Preston for approx £25 per bottle. 14% by volume it’s a bit of a potent one, although you actually can’t tell due to the dryness of the wine. Fantastic after taste that fills the lower back pallet lasting for a good few minutes with the []

Tate Modern Art Gallery London – “I don’t get Modern Art”

Modern Art is an interesting phenomenon taking abstract things and allowing the “artist” to call it art (and of course let’s not forget sell it for millions!!). But the interesting question is… “What is art anyway”? After chatting with one of the assistants walking round the Tate Modern Gallery in London, she was saying that []

Best way to spend a birthday

Yesterday I turned 29. I decided to come up to Cumbria to spend it with my parents. Not being one to celebrate birthdays with cake, jelly and ice cream (ohhh I don’t know) I’ve not been one to scream it from the rooftops. I don’t think my facebook lists my birthday for all to see. []

nosce te ipsum – Know thyself

Knowing who you are, where you want to go in life and what you want is really important. It gives us purpose, and a self of identity. I’ve had to rethink a few of these recently from whether or not I want kids to whether I want to travel the world and explore. But it’s []