Rick Seymour

Collaboration in an SME

Collaboration, working together, is a skill that is often lost in organisations of all sizes whereby tasks are assigned depending on expertise. However it is the sharing of ideas and problems that can help to overcome the issues of the company of a hold that often need to be addressed.

How do organisations work together, to make sure that all pieces fit together, that each member of staff knows how to go about making a change in their area and how this will impact on someone elses.

One ideology that any company must move away from is “empire building” in that the view that “this is my department, i’m doing my own thing”. Yes that person has the expertise in that area and can likely know the inner working of their field, but it is how the policies and procedures of that area are opened up and available to scrutiny that can allow an SME to improve.

The question therefore is how do you open up the policies and procedures of an organisation to allow creativity of all members of staff to the benefit of all?

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