Rick Seymour

Empty Homes Solution? : Residents issue EDMO Management Orders

Empty Homes are a blight on this country, with house prices falling, landlord’s unable to secure loans to repair unused properties, the number of empties has increased to one million.In response to Empty Homes Agency’s Facebook question, a possible solution :-

Enforced Empty Dwelling Management Order (EDMO) : Residents can issue a Management Order

Similar to a Litter Abatement Order, and Enforced EDMO would allow a member of the public to take the landlord to court to bring the propety back into use either directly or the Local Authority (via an ALMO). At present EDMOs must be issued by a local authority who then take over the management of the property, do repairs to the property and then rent it out for upto 7 years, passing profit back to the landlord.

This is great, however many councils lack the ambition to start on such a process, shown by the number of EDMOs sought nationally. If local residents could say “Not in my neighbourhood”, and take a landlord to court this would show the local authority there is the desire on a local level for action on empty properties.

For this to happen:-

  • “Plucky” local residents with time available
  • Loosening of Land Registry data
  • Support at local authorities who still have Council House stock to manage the property


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