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Charity Collector (Chugger) restrictions in Lancaster

Charity Collectors (“Chuggers” – Charity Muggers) now have restrictions imposed on them by Lancaster City Council licensing department on when and where they can attempt to persuade you to part with your bank & personal details on the streets of Lancaster.

Acceptable sites map

Collectors may ONLY collect in the following locations and on the following days (9am-7pm).

Day Location
Monday Market Street
Tuesday Penny Street / Cheapside
Wednesday No collections allowed
Thursday Penny Street / Cheapside
Friday Market Street
Saturday No collections allowed
Sunday No collections allowed

They are NOT allowed in the St Nicholas Arcade crossroads nor in Market Square nor between Wilkinsons and Next. (Where they usually are!)

Have a complaint?

If you feel that the charity collector has been overly aggressive or is in breach of any of the other rules contained in the Site Management Agreement, contact Lancaster City Council’s licensing department who will contact the Public Fundraising Regultory Association (PFRA) on your behalf.


Map – Ordnance Survey data © Crown Copyright

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