Rick Seymour

Reminiscing over photos 1

Been sat in my regular coffee place on a comfy seat listening to “The Lancashire Hotpots” going through some of my old photos. Dug out a few that i havent seen in rather a while and I got reminiscing. Mainly went through walks in the countryside and one folder was Imogen, Dave and me. So there is a double whammy…. hill walking that I havent done in a while…. and.. an ex.

It was interesting for me to look back at my time with Imogen, and for the first time I thought back and smiled to myself without the negative thoughts about our relationship filtering through…. wow.. so this really is it… so to speak.. new chapter…  been a good couple of months since I last spoke to her … I guess I think it’s now time to put the past where it should be… and move on.

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