Rick Seymour

Mormons on the [Stagecoach] Buses

Today (15:20 ish) I was on the 2A Stagecoach bus from Lancaster to Morecambe, sat upstairs watching the world go by, and I was overhearing a conversation between 3 guys on the back couple of rows of the bus.

It was two mormon missionaries talking to a 16 year old on his religious views on why they felt it necessary for them to spread their love for Jesus to anyone with the inability to escape who’ll have to listen. I found it cold and heartless that the 2 “believers” asked whether the 16 year old had a legal parent/guardian, and when he answered no they continued to extract his name, address, phone number and said they would come round the next day to speak further with him.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love talking to an indoctrinated nutjob as much as the next person. But on a bus, where you can’t escape, I think it’s a little bit inappropriate to be actively choosing to sit next to people and telling them that not submitting to your believe system will lead them to damnation.

I believe this IS a policy by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormons), to recruit new followers (victims) using the public transport system, and that I urge Stagecoach Lancaster to write to to the local churches and insist that using the buses should not be used as a confined recruitment area and is therefore against the “Conditions of Carriage”.

Forwarded to:-

  • Stagecoach Lancaster
  • Lancaster Guardian Newspaper