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DCLG Public Assets Map database: #1 look

Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) working with Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) and Ordnance Survey have produced a Map of Public Assets showing council, health authority and central government department assets, both land and building.

View the Public Assets Demonstrator Map

The public dataset available lists all the assets in its raw format. I’ve signed a PSMA license agreement and have received the raw data including all shape (SHP) data, which can be used to extract geographic data. Here is my first overview look at the councils with the most land in their asset register.

Council Area Count
Cambridgeshire County Council 144015981 607
Hampshire County Council 82206614 10778
Lincolnshire County Council 70638608 1333
Hertfordshire County Council 59917057 1966
Leicestershire County Council 49299731 1907
Worcestershire County Council 31889131 4773
Wigan Borough Council 31758964 4160
Wiltshire Council 31236771 4022

The dataset includes information of the 70 Pathfinder councils who were asked in February 2011 to make their asset registers available for this project. This first look is being used by HCA to decide how this can be rolled out nationwide, likely to be in 2012.

I’m working through filters on the data to allow companies and individuals search for Non-Operational / Un Used land and buildings as part of my UnUsed Assets project.

I’ve really appreciate your thoughts on how this data should be presented.

  • Clickable Map format?
  • Filterable table?
  • What uses can you see for this?
  • How would your organisation use this data?


Here is a proof of concept video showing the integration of DCLG Public Assets dataset with Openlayers API front end. I hope to include the HCA assets list soon.

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