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I could hardly have a blog without commenting on the websites that I partake in.

PlentyofFish.com is one of them. It’s a web based dating site. It’s free. You dont get spam or any random crap. Apart from emails when you get a message on the site (although you can turn that off). You can upload upto 8 photos. There are personality surveys. You can search for people based on postcode (well distance from a postcode)

I like it mainly because (although this could be a marketting ploy) its the work of one person whos made a philanthropical decision to put together a website to bring people together. I do have to say that having in excess of 80000 people online from all over the world takes some serious bandwidth and I doubt that this could really be the work of one man.

Obviously this site is in competition with Match.com, MySinglefriend.com and deos a good job if a little basic to bring people together… but in the end .. what more do most people want…. a photo and a bit of free text… hey… i could do that!

Donna has just told me about another free site… www.freedating.co.uk which i’ll give a go too…. recommendations in this area are always a good thing. Although I’m no so sure on the “my single friend” idea… blind dates would so not be something that I’d be interested in. Being set up with someone just because you are both singel really… doesn’t mean you “have something in common”

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  1. joyce

    I just joined the site on saturday and met so many local people
    I am really enjoying it I have dats lined up all week
    Some I know will remain friends
    It is hard when you work a 5 day work week and work a couple shifts so a friend of mine told me about it and it seems to work
    Good luck to the singles out there

    March 31, 2009 at 10:43 am Reply