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Police use of rubber bullets call by Morecambe MP

I would like to thank Morecambe’s The Visitor for featuring my tweet, following Morecambe & Lunesdale David Morris MP‘s comments encouraging the use of “non-lethal” weaponry by the police.

I replied via Twitter with –

Would you support @lancspolice when a member of public dies after being shot in face by police bullet [Link to MP’s Parliament Motion@MPDavidMorris

This was printed in The Visitor on the very day (Wed, 17 Aug 2011) that a man from Barrow in Furness was killed by Cumbria police with the “non-lethal” weapon, the tazer. Whilst this is a very sorry incident it does highlight the fact that non-lethal weaponry CAN be lethal and an MP should choose their words and sentiment carefully.

As an MP, David Morris is the local representative of the people of the constituency, and should not be a mouthpiece of the Conservative Party. Having knee-jerk policies is not the way to run a country or to the formation of new operational guidance or legislation.

My own personal viewpoint is actually not too distant from that of the MP, however an elected official should use his position to review the legislation surrounding the laws in place and not to interfere with the role of the police, CPS and judiciary. He should know this and not stray outside his remit.

So, “What would you do?” I hear you say….. quite rightly so!

Re-introduce the concept of “The Riot Act” (Yes… “being read the riot act” no longer exists), and bring elements of The Crime and Disorder Act, Curfew legislation, along with clear safeguards for the police giving them them the ability to use EQUAL force to that being dispensed against them, so for example, carrying an illegal firearm and pulling it on the police will entitle them to shoot to kill, throwing a molitov cocktail entitles the police to put you in hospital.

It is not the TYPE or METHODOLOGY of the use of weapons or tactics employed by the police that a local MP should be calling for it is the situational precursor to the use of weapons and tactics, for example if someone is intent on injuring a police officer, arson etc…. however as I’m sure Mr Morris is well aware, a list of situations isn’t “sexy enough” to get printed in the media.


At the time of writing (19:50 17/08/2011) David MorrisEarly Day Motion currently has no backing.

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