Rick Seymour

Left Wing libertarianism

Historically I’ve always considered myself as a liberal thinker and politically motivated myself through the following ideology “That anyone can do anything so long as it does not negatively affect the life or dreams, or paths of anyone else”, a classic libertarian view point.

However, a true libertarian would apply that ideology to the interaction of the individual with the state, a stance I cannot agree with and I would position myself closer to the utilitarian view point of the state creating the greatest happiness to the greatest number.

So how can I possibly be a left wing libertarian?

I believe in being pragmatic to the environment we live in, that one cannot spend spend spend to create a perfect society and that a variety of factors motivate people, only one of which is the pursuit of money. We as a species became the dominate animal on the planet through collaboration, and we’ve evolved to allow for intra species specialisation… be that a chef, a solider or a lawyer. It has been the sharing of our labour and knowledge that has pushed us all forward and pushed individual counties forward.

So I therefore passionately believe that collaborative and collective sharing of the wealth and individualistic skills that will advance us all, but to develop those individualistic skills we must allow a libertarian stand point.

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