Rick Seymour

Hosting a live webshow

I’ve recently got into BlogTV. Actually through viewing one of my YouTube Subscriptions – Sarahxxlou. A user who I believe is destined to be on TV in one form or another. In fact I’ve recently begun to watch all forms of presenational style … from QVC & BidUp TV (which people sooo think I should do) to WineLibrary TV hosted by Gary Vaynerchuk.

Each person posesses their own individual way of presenting an idea. And the majority of them use free video hosting services, such as youtube or vimeo to express themselves. Each one however posesses one skill that is self evident, speaking to the camera, communicating directly with the viewer in a confident and self assured manner that I totally respect.

I’m taking my first steps into this. Hosting mini webshows via BlogTV to which I’ll get a few viewers. I’ll be buying a decent webcam and microphone soon, so expect new things to be coming to the site. Hoping to video most of my blog posts….. bring it all up to date…. watch this space!

PS Any suggestions for a decent webcam or microphone… please post a comment below

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