Rick Seymour

Surgical Shock

Just got back from A&E after being frog marched over there by a mate after showing her my lovely gammy (infected) finger. It was looking rather colourful with shades of purple and green and a strange redness tracking up the back of my hand.

A&E was an interesting experience and I have to say there were a few hotties in there… i maybe have to injure myself a bit more :) Not sure it could be classed as rich hunting grounds but still…. somewhere more unique…. EDIT… i’ve just got a message on a site i’m on….. i was SPOTTED!!!! noooo way!


Anyways.. back to my story… the lovely Nurse Practitioner stuck a scalpel into my finger… oh god that felt great… her and Kat were chatting away as she hacked away… getting the gunk out… meanwhile i’m going deaf in my left ear… which I casually mention…. the nurse looks at me.. “You are going to faint arent you” .. “No”… I didnt faint although it was a bit trippy :)

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