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Contracts issued by Lancaster City Council in financial year 2010-2011

Lancaster City Council tenders for contracts over £50k. Contracts under £50k are not listed as they only require 3 quotations from interested parties.

You can request to view any of the contracts below by contacting Lancaster City Council finance department or going into town hall.

Please leave your comment below ….which contracts would you like to see?

This data was received during the “Public Inspection of Accounts”, during the Audit Commission Act designated period July 2011. Licensed under OpenGov / Creative Commons BY-SA.

Contract Title Total Contract Value Supplier
Supply of kitchens 69,679.00 Magnet Ltd
Artle Beck Flood Alleviation Scheme 213,474.78 Askam Construction Ltd
Choice Based Lettings & Council Housing Options 100,900.00 Abritas
Installation of Automatic Smoke Extract Ventilalators to Communal Corridors and Staircases at Bridge and Skerton House, Mainway and Park House, Line Street, Lancaster 236,534.12 Askam Construction Ltd
Morecambe Town Hall, Roof/Rewire/window replacement & Office remodelling 1,012,950.00 Forrest Joinery & Construction Contractors
Main Banking Services 29,671.00 Co-operative Bank Plc
Municipal Building Works Lancaster Town Hall Refurbishment 754,207.00 Flatroofing Systems
Dome Demolition 75,518.83 Askam Civil Engineering Ltd
Provision of Security Guarding Services at the Luneside East Development Site, St Georges Quay Lancaster 71,424.00 Lingwood Security Services Ltd
Chatsworth Gardens Contingency Options Feasibility Study 59,645.00 ARUP
Electrical Inspections 69,272.00 Robert Briggs & Sons (Lancaster) Ltd
Window Renewals at Warton – 2010/2011 Programme 53,024.20 A&G Trade Plastics Ltd
School Swimming Transport Contract for September 2010 to July 2011 50,589.00 The Travellers Choice
Multi-disciplinary Feasibility Study for Centenary House (Co-Op) for the creative re-use for flexible business accommodation 54,753.00 Taylor Young
Group Repair Scheme: 7-11a Bold Street, Morecambe 395,208.00 R & L Jackson


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