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Heysham Medical Centre – Discharge of Travel Plan conditions

Heysham medical centre is designed to replace the existing facility on the opposite side of Middleton Way. The land has been cleared but has been left vacant.

Original planning application for Heysham Medical Centre (09/00668/FUL)

Discharge conditions application

15 – Disabled Parking

Although I would not object to a reduction in the number to 10% of spaces. (Currently 78 spaces, 10 available for disabled parking (excluding overflow))

16 – The cycle storage
Current cycle storage is acceptable. Recommendation to move the cycle stands solely to the southern parking zone (next to the visitor entrance) and include provision for CCTV to cover this area for the prevention of crime.

17 – Motorcycle storage
Removal of one of the designated disabled bays would allow for sufficient storage.

18 – minibus parking
Minibuses should use the overflow carpark for greater than 5 minutes parking. Maybe modify a bay or two to facilitate this.

20 – turning bay
Sufficient turning space, within parking area

Although I would like to see double yellow lines (at least) on the far side of middleton way for the prevention of accidents

21 – cycle path.
Not having a cycle path would require residents from the Windermere Park estate to either walk around via heysham mossgate road or via narrow (and steep) Brooklands Drive or use vehiclar methods. The proposed application and cycle path would link into the Strategic Cycle Network, I would therefore see local plan policy T26 should be used.

24 – travel plan
A development of this scale requires a travel plan as it would significantly increase the number of journeys to it. An 18% car share scheme is wildly optimistic.
I would recommend a simple statement “Resident Staff to park solely in the overflow carpark and not park in the patient bays nor on Middleton Road”

Also recommendation linking of the parking zone next to bays 52/53 to emmaus road to allow for vehicles that cannot find a space at one or other parking area to travel “round the back” of the medical centre rather than having to re-access middleton way and easy access to the overflow park.

Map location of the proposed new Heysham Medical Centre

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