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Heysham South Wind Turbine Farm by Banks Renewables

Banks Renewables are putting in a planning application to build three wind turbines on farm land north of Middleton, close to the electricity pylons and the A683, and are 1km from Windermere Park estate & Middleton

An assessment tower (60m) has already been approved is is currently operational

A full planning application for the 3 Heysham wind turbines has been submitted. (11/00689/FUL)

You might be interested in the BT wind turbine application (11/00073/FUL).

What do you think?

Have a look at the planning application and leave a comment below

Map of Turbine locations

Turbine Co-ordinates

Turbine 1 342618E, 459708N (54.030154,-2.877508)
Turbine 2 343017E, 459599N (54.029219,-2.871397)
Turbine 3 343449E, 460153N (54.034245,-2.864906)

Maps – Crown Copyright Ordnance Survey

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