Rick Seymour

Executive, Director and Senior Pay at Lancaster City Council

Below is a snapshot of top pay at Lancaster City Council. It shows those directors, senior officers and heads of department who earn over £50,000 per year (without expenses).

Name Job Title Salary
Mark Cullinan Chief Executive 107060
Heather McManus Deputy Chief Executive 77321
Richard Tulej Head of Community Engagement 61857
Mark Davies Head of Environmental Services 61857
Nadine Muschamp Head of Financial Services and Section 151 Officer 61857
Sarah Taylor Head of Governance and Monitoring Officer 61857
Suzanne Lodge Head of Health and Housing Services 61857
Andrew Dobson Head of Regeneration and Planning 61857
Graham Cox Head of Property Services 54824

I personally would like to see this page list all those names and positions of anyone who is a “higher tax bracket/band” earner (currently £35k) which is significantly above the “average wage” (£25k). I would also think it useful that this page show the total income earned by the individuals through P11D (Benefit in kind), expenses for the previous year, but also the pension contributions made by the individual and the employer (your council tax).

These would give a more fair reflection of how the very top at Lancaster City Council were earning, and spending your money.

You can view the most up-to-date figures @


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Executive, Director and Senior Pay at Lancaster City Council
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