Rick Seymour

Objection to plans to convert Cuba nightclub Lancaster into a walkway

This is a copy of the objection I submitted to Lancaster City Council planning department/committee regarding the internal demolition of (unused) Cuba nightclub (opposite Dalton Square), creation of a walkway to Mary Street and the creation of 3 new shops. Planning reference -11/00415/CU11/00416/CON

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  • Significant number of vacant properties around Lancaster, therefore planner has not demonstrated local need.
  • Position of this walkway is not part of the natural footfall of Lancaster, which would make business expansion of retailers in these locations difficult.
  • Competes with established Brock Street and Gage Street shopping areas
  • Walkway would need constant and significant lighting (against PPS1)
  • Would lead to an increase in anti-social behaviour. Currently school children gather in Dalton Square, during rainfall, they would move into this covered area.
  • Would act as a magnet for homeless people who would appreciate covered, and sheltered area to sleep.
  • Removal of a potential future nightclub site.
  • Current frontage does not distract from the area

If you would like to discuss my objection to the plan, please do so below.

If the developers would like to bring the site back into use, through a community run scheme then I would like to speak to them.

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