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Conservative councillors on Lancaster City Council criticise Labour over Council Tax

Response to Virtual Lancaster post titled “Conservative councillors question council tax rise



During the full council session of Lancaster City Council on Monday 23rd May 2011, new Labour and Conservative Councillors traded ideological insults at each other, relating to the state of Lancaster City Council’s finances and the 2011-2014 Corporate Plan

Labour councillors argued – “Raise council tax and maintain public services”

Conservative councillors argued “Freeze council tax and cut spending”

It was bizarre that on the first council session new councillors were put in the position to voting through a 4 year Corporate Plan, which understandably brought out passionate views from these entrenched positions. But rather than critically analyse the Corporate Plan which was littered with spelling and grammatical errors they chose to trade insults.

My Response

Surely the Conservative Group need to grow up and realise they cannot simply scream “woe is me” as the opposition.

They didn’t even put forward a candidate for Leader of the Council. They seem happy for someone else to deal with the problem this council faces.

Lancaster City Council has debts of £40m, most of it’s expansion plans being funded by selling off it’s assets and a grant settlement that would make most accountants cry.

So if the Tories want to freeze council tax, then can they please step up to the mark and say where spending of either revenue or capital spending could be cut… just like Labour nationally is avoiding the difficult decisions needed…. the Tories are doing just the same locally.

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