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Cambridge University – Most Crime ridden Postcode (Police.UK Data)

Cambridge University postcode, CB2 3PP has the UK’s worst crime figure. With 254 crimes in December alone this postcode it dwarfs all other UK postal codes. BBC News covered Glovers Court in Preston, PR1 3LS, but the University of Cambridge makes strolling past Truth and The Loft, two late night nightclubs on Glovers Court seem like a stroll in the park! The Data from half a million crimes committed in the UK in December, shows Cambridge leading the way. Do you live in any of the postcodes listed? Leave your comment below!

Top 20 crime postcodes in the UK


Who would have thought it? Cambridge University, with the highest crime rate postcode of ANY in the UK!!!

Click on the image to view the Google Docs Spreadsheet, Download a copy of the Top 20 Crime Postcodes in the UK


Data: Police.UK mashed with Ordnance Survey CodePoint Open (Nov2010), using nearest Postcode to the crime’s location (Based on Eastings & Northings)

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Cambridge University – Most Crime ridden Postcode (Police.UK Data)
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  1. Mike

    Cambridge city centre has long been known as a crime hotspot. In the 1980s I was told it had more muggings than Glasgow. Too many dumb students flashing

    September 5, 2012 at 6:12 pm Reply