Rick Seymour

Being eaten alive


I’m being eaten alive. No not some canabalistic experience, but by some small critters.

Amber my three year old cat, who is the world’s biggest whore friendliest cat ever, has recently “picked up” fleas and of course because she is adorable I sometimes let her into my bedroom. Maybe on second thoughts this might have been a mistake because now I’m being bitten, eaten alive by fleas those little bastards!!

I’ve now got about 10 whelts from the flea bites, but…. I’m fighting back. I’ve been spraying myself with flea spray, been going on a killing spree (letting the fleas jump onto me then splatting them), and the old favourite vacuuming every day (sort of).

All in all… this being eaten alive and all-out-warfare is a damn good workout!! :)

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