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Website Statistics – Where my hits come from

Monitoring your website is a very productive way to see where traffic is coming from. To allow you to see popular search web search terms from Google / Yahoo / Bing etc and see how your posts are being indexed.

WebStats Monitoring tools

At the moment the following trackers are enabled on my site and I’ll be writing a review of each of them in a fortnight (to give each tracker time to collect enough web traffic statistics to allow me to review them accurately).

  • Pmetrics by Performancing.(The free/blogger version). Javascript based tracker.
  • Google Analytics. Javascript based tracker.
  • W3Counter. Logo based tracker.
  • WordPress.com Stats. Img based tracker
  • Firestats. Self Hosted tracker

My website (RickSeymour.com) for example.

41% of searches are for me, Rick Seymour (in one form or another)
18% Taxi Dispatch Software (Autocab Cabmaster Cordic) due to a review page I did Review of Taxi Booking Software. Which ranks me on high on Google searches for taxi related products. Ie Cabmaster (2), AutoCab (3), taxi booking system(9), taxi booking software(13). I’m planning on doing more reviews of XDA/HTC technology & software to increase this.
15% Events and Places I’ve been to
10% Dating Related
5% Local Issues for example my stories on Preston Bus Station, StageCoach taking over Preston Bus

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