Rick Seymour

Bash with the law

I would have said brush with the Law but this was more a metal crumpling bash! In the early hours of Saturaday morning, I experienced police bureaucracy….there i was driving into town with a couple of passengers heading up Tithe Barn Street following a police ford transit van. As we both passing The Zone nightclub, some youths outside the nightclub started hurling abuse at the police officer. Hearing what they said, she slammed on causing me to put my breaks on too. She then popped her van into reverse and reversed into my car!

Fair enough, easy mistake to make ( she admitted full liability by saying ‘whoops, didnt check my mirrors’ ) . This by itself wasnt a problem as there is only cosmetic damage to the bumper, but she insisted that we wait for her seargant to get there. In the meantime, she questioned me like a was a suspect in a mugging and refused to give me any of her details. The sergeant took 15 minutes and insisted that all insurance queries should be handled through the contact centre on Lancaster Road North. I was then breathalised ( which obviously came bavk 000), and Selina Boyes wrote me a producer.

It was only after I demanded, she was breathalised also, seeing as it was unfair as she caused that accident.

On the whole, I felt a bit of a criminal.

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