Rick Seymour

Brush with the law

Having done the job for 8 months now I expect that I am going to run into some less than desirable types, and true I have met some what could be described as “rough” types from pretty much every place around Preston including Cadley, Callon & Brookfield. But this incident took place in Fulwood, on the junction of Sharoe Green Lane and Saint Vincents Road.

Picked up three girls, dropped one off on Skevvington Road and continued onto Fulwood with the pair of them giggling in the back, coming up from St Vincents Road they went quiet and leaning into each other. I dont know what exactly it was but i disconnected my PDA and popped it into my pocket, and asked them which number they were going to. Then I knew something was up. We pulled up and they made a dash for it (typical!). Being prepared for it I thought “fuck this, they arent getting away with being theives” so .. i gave chase.

Most taxi drivers are in their 40s, overweight (sorry,…. but its true).. and dont tend to leave their seat. I on the other hand am a fairly fit 20something, so… guess what… i caught one of them… well caught isnt probably a word I’d use, more grabbed her by her hair and dragged her to the floor. I cant entirely remember what my first word were being that I’d just sprinted for a good minute, but I think it was along the lines of “you fucking stupid fool” (or something to that effect)… going onto tell her that running from a 20something a good foot bigger than her was a bad move.

One thing that shocked me was how gobby she was being the back that she was on a dark street with a stranger who she’d just tried to steal from. She was going “i’ll take you to court… you assaulted me (technically true)… and i’ll get my dad on you” woooo. I immediately phoned the police the police and demanded her name.. hmm can I say her name here… hmmmm well its a name beginning with C and is a region of London with a famous football team.

Her friend had tried to hide round the back of another house leaving her friend, I could tell this as the muppet had walked down a path with wet shoes, ie foot prints! (ho ho ho). Whilst on the phone to the police, who said that the name was known to them they asked for her date of birth… she was…… FOURTEEN!!!!!!! 14! (Hence not being able to post her name here!)

After finding out that they actually had no money on them at all, we walked back round to her “dad’s”, when they got through the door they slammed it behind them… right… this means war.

When the police arrived it was fantastic to see the police from the other side seeing how they use the power of assertiveness and authority to get the required information, but on the whole I was thoroughly impressed with how the situation was handled. The two girls were handcuffed together, taken to their parents, who by all accounts were severly reprimanded. I spoke with the officer later on that night and he gave me the £5.70 fare.

Result! :)

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