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Bash with the Law – Doctors

Follows on from Bash with the Law

Well having reported the accident to the Town Hall, as per the private hire license and also to the company , the boss took all the details of the incident and told me that these would be passed onto the solicitors so that a claim could be put in for repairs. I was intrigued why solicitors were needed rather than insurance companies. He said that every driver puts in a personal injury claim as a matter of course, and advised that I could get between £1000 and £2000.

Morals aside… bearing in mind that I’m not injured in the slightest… a grand or two would be very nice. But I thought I’d best go to the doctors and hospital to get checked out just in to on the safe side :P

I love my doctors, phoned up at 9:30 and had an appointment at 11, fantastic!! Got myself taken off some medication thats been on my repeats for a couple of years that I no longer need (and no its not an antidepressant or anything).

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