Rick Seymour

Friends and Buses

Many people describe how things come like buses “Nothing for x[time frame] then X+1 comes at once” and nothing is more so true than… buses… well actually friends too. Admittedly since doing the taxi thing I’ve lost touch with a lot of people, mainly due to the fact that I’m working alternate shifts to most people which makes things hard. So at the moment I’m appreciating just being able to go out with people for a brew during the day and have some good conversation.

Just today I met up with Vivien who I took home (drove) a week ago and I gave her back £10 that she left in the car and chatted about her plans to move out of home and maybe become a PA for her dad. Also today was texted by someone I’ve not spoke to in ages inviting me to a BBQ on Sunday which I’ll actually probably go to… see people are like buses!

The main bus link though was due to the fact that I had a conversation with one of the Preston Bus drivers about how the competition between themselves and Stagecoach is affecting business, customer relations with both companies and potiential for a price war. It was interesting to hear that Stagecoach has not been given permission to go onto ASDA or the Hospital to pick up passengers as they both said “It is not in the best interests of passenger safety” … interesting.

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