Rick Seymour

Thursday night in a taxi 21/6

Well funky people last night saw my first real person that tried to get away without paying, well I say one, but I’ve had three people tonight that haven’t paid. Admittedly I’m definitely going to get money back from two of them:-

One being a 17 year old lass who reallyyyy doesnt want me to knock on her door as her mother would go mental for not paying a driver, fair enough.

The other is a guy who literally had no money, and gave me his mobile for safe keeping till he can finish his 12 hour shift the next day, now there arent many people that can cope with being without their mobiles for more than a few minutes let alone a day. However the tale does not end there, oh no! I drop this guy and lass off at an address in Preston, with him saying that he would be calling me in a few hours to get picked up. Guess who should call an hour later…… his girlfriend! Oh yes… mister “nicey nicey” is cheating on his girlfriend.. bad bad man!

Finally a guy who I took back to SE Preston after an interesting encounter over on the W side. When we got to the final destination he basically conned his own father, who is physically disabled and bed-ridden into paying.. but oh no…. the guy then took off out of the back garden leaving his father.  This was less than 5 minutes after I’d been asking him more about his business and the potiential for involvement with the council, muppet!

On a more positive note I had a group of lasses back to Bamber Bridge one of whom asked me for my MySpace page and that she insisted that she was going to add herself to my friends list…. oh wil you now?! Mine is a very super selective list… takes a lot to get there. Also ate out at the Guild on Flyde Road with Olga before heading out to work, which was really nice to have a proper good natter and a chilled out session

Sleep calls x

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