Rick Seymour

Nut jobs in a taxi

Last night, for the first time in 6 months I actually felt unsafe doing taxi driving. I can cope with loud people, chavvy people, drunk people, but when you get a passenger thats totally off his face on vodka, tamazepam plus cocaine I think  then you start to get slightly concerned.  The thing is that I have actually met this guy before during the daylight hours as he lives within the university ward and to be honest seemed quite normal, so gave him the benefit of the doubt.
However coming back from Blackburn (yea quite a journey.. allegedly he was off to say goodbye to his dead mother), he decided it would be a great idea to jump into the front seat and talk at me literlally 2 inches from my face… bear in mind i’m doing 50mph on the A59!!!!
Called the police on the way back, using my fantastic bluetooth headset, could they have been any more cynical? I think not. But hey… when the police are looking for rapists… lost people… etc etc and they need the help and support of us taxi drivers… i’ll remember to be as cynical! (We as a company get regular calls from the police for help… after all we are on the roads…. out and about. more than anyone!)
Anyways… I’m home safe and well…
(Note to nutcases…. WALK!)

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