Rick Seymour

nosce te ipsum – Know thyself

Knowing who you are, where you want to go in life and what you want is really important. It gives us purpose, and a self of identity. I’ve had to rethink a few of these recently from whether or not I want kids to whether I want to travel the world and explore. But it’s what we do with these ideals that’s important…. how we translate and pass on our experiences to others.

Choice is so important in knowing yourself, the choices you make in the world, the decisions you take and the lifestyle you wish to lead. We all need education to make choices as we are all a blank canvas to begin with. I truly believe that the education system we have in place at the moment doesn’t really set you up for major life changing decisions that you have to make…. but I’ll leave that for another time….

But for now…. it’s all about personal and social growth….. see you on the other side :smile:

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