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Stagecoach (Preston Bus) issues Credit Note

Stagecoach (Preston Bus) Credit Note

Stagecoach (Preston Bus) Credit Note

For years Preston Bus (now part of Stagecoach North West) has been “Exact change only” with coin drop slot to take payment.

The fare was £1.20 I only had a £1 & a 50p coin.

But after a protest today the bus driver issued me with a credit note to the value of the “wasted” coins, which I can use on subsequent travel.

How many times have people put in £1 for a 90p ride? How much extra revenue does this make for Stagecoach? Should they be forced to install change machines or at least advertise that you can obtain a credit note?

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Stagecoach (Preston Bus) issues Credit Note
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  1. Mark

    Is cabmaster any good for 30 cars ??? Don’t want to pay a lot of money for it was thinking about pay as you go on cabmaster don’t want Mercury had it when I had 40 cars good to work with all it comes down to is thay want to much to run it cost me £££ and I did pay cash for it and still had to pay £££ for it amth for air time and up keep what a joke it was ….. Tell me about cab master someone thank you Mark. ???

    May 21, 2013 at 9:12 pm Reply