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RickSeymour.com – Form and Function

As you can see the form of the website has changed somewhat. But this is just a temporary measure whilst the functionality is improved.

I always rate function much more over form. Although I have recently tried to improve the readability of my blog posts to make it more a snapshot of my life rather than an indepth analysis of something that most people would not find griping.

Obvious really.


  • Twitter – I’ll update my “Status”/”Mood”/”Thoughts” using twitter and updated via text message
  • Add as friend…. Add me to your friends list on all those lovely social network sites, facebook, myspace, twitter, digg etc
  • Last.Fm playlist – songs that I’ve tagged as I like, listened to, and those virtual radio stations that allow you to discover music you wouldnt have heard otherwise

New Sections

  • Council – I still want to become a councillor and this will be the page and blog that will detail this.
  • Singledom – Ok ok .. I’m 28, and being single at this age is BAD. This page will (hopefully) act as the phermone, attractant, lure, advert to show potiential women that I am here .. and available.
  • Business – I haven’t decided fully on this one, about how much to document, many of the ideas I have are un-patented or in the non-implimentable stage. Maybe I’ll just say what I’m up to right now.

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RickSeymour.com – Form and Function
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  1. Jacklyn

    Salut Christian,merci de ton message. Bien sûr, écoutes, voici la réponse : c’est plutôt une bonne nouvelle puisque ta copine te dis en gros  » Je t’aime, beau jeune hobmu&nmsp;&raqeo; A bientôt sur le sitea+

    May 1, 2016 at 11:13 am Reply