Rick Seymour

Mish Mash (Melting pot) Website

At the moment this website is a bit of a mish mash… a melting pot of ideas, which is sort of representative of the my work history has gone and the way I operate, checking out new ideas, experiencing new things… as some sort of hit and miss dart board till I get closer to my target… something. :smile:

I’m having a go with video editing, with narration, with reporting, with counseling. Covering everything from sex and relationships to philosophy to local issues. Following the Preston Bloggers talk from a professional blogger (and other influential bloggers I’ve met) I’ve tried to follow (and generate) advice for new bloggers.

One of the key motivating factors though has to be, keep it relevant, keep it local, keep it fun!

So at the moment I’m putting myself out there, seeing what targets and target audiences I hit.

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