Rick Seymour

Toxic Friends

We’ve all had them, those friends that actually do us more harm than good. Those friends who seek to control us rather than assist us on making our own decisions.

Admittedly this post isn’t about anyone I know (so no bitching eh!?), it’s just about a conversation I’ve just had.

Although I’ve got to question to myself, why did I put that line above in, do I have friends who would feel that paranoid that I was talking about them…. surely not! Although yes I do know people that would instinctly think that I was talking purely to and about them.

True True I do know some purely self absorbed people then again, haven’t we all met people who think the universe is them.

So yes anyways…. back to topic….. Toxic Friends…. (Great website at Toxic Friendships)… those people who see (knowingly or unknowingly) having you in their lives as someone to excert social control over…. but more likely be able to position themselves in a heirarchy within the pack. Hmm are we pack animals or not?

If you think you have a toxic friend…………….. GET RID!

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