Rick Seymour

Intelligence Knowledge Reasoning

I’ve met some very smart people over my years. But I’ve also been pondering what is smart, how do I define it and when do I define someone as “stupid” (ok ok .. start the flame wars) and where do I position myself on the whole spectrum of intellect.

I have an amazing desire for knowledge but I wouldn’t describe myself as knowledgable on many subjects and prefer to keep what I know to what I need to know about. However I believe my strengths lay in my emotional intelligence and reasoning of a problem. (Although sometimes taking your own advice can be a hard thing to do).

Do you define your intellect as the conversations you have with yourself on a Sunday morning laying in bed? Or the drunken slurrings you have with your best friend on a weekend night? Does either one make you more or less of a conversationalist?

So to end it all, to be honest, it doesn’t matter really whether you are smart, dumb or somewhere inbetween, so long as you keep an open mind to learning new things and don’t believe that you know everything, cos ….. you don’t….

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