Rick Seymour

A day in the sun

It’s not very often that I have the chance just to sit in the sun and watch the world go by. Yes there are stresses in the world but I’ve said to myself that today I’m not feeling them and it’s totally working. One of the things I’m loving at the moment is the fact I can turn my phone onto silent at night and properly shut down… (not been able to do that in a while) Last night I had a lovely time, met a few new and loverly people who I’ll definitely be keeping in touch with.

Today though I’ve been round to two mates houses and sun bathed (although only one of them I had to run away from because of the evil flies). Drinksies in Pub…. chilled out in the “peace garden” in town with me, some tunes and my notebook where I scribbled away for about half an hour.

If today was anything to go by… i’m soooooooo looking forward to the summer!!!

Next week I’ve got a few things planned… a cultural night… a date (I know).. a BBQ… and a couple of things with Zest.  So really the only question I’ve got to answer myself is…. Do I go on the trip to Rome?? (Tricky decision I know :lol: )

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