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A Bad case of the Exs

The past few days have been quite interesting for me when it comes to dating etc etc in that someone I’d had a couple of dates with, got a bad case of the ex over new year (our dates were in 2008). Basically over new year she’d heard a piece of music that reminded her of her ex (who really messed with her head) and that got her thinking “was I the right kind of person for her”.


After a couple of dates are you really ready to be thinking those kind of things… Have to say… i did good in that I just literally shrugged and said that if she had made that kind of decision that there was no way that i could or should try and change her mind.

All in all… it has been an interesting (re) introduction to the idea of progressive dating…. i’m sure 2009 will be …. bizarre

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A Bad case of the Exs
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