Rick Seymour

Comedy Store Manchester

Last night I went out with a few people (about 12) to go out for a meal at La Tasca in Manchester and then onto the Comedy Store.

Really good night with people from Zest and met up with some people that are from the Young Ramblers, so I think I’ll be joining that in the next few days.. ther was a walk on today.. 18 miles or so… but after the volume of redbull consumed I think i need my heart to calm down a bit first!!

We went to the 11:30pm showing at the Comedy Store which is really bizaare as it’s full of people that are part way through their night, some nicely pissed people.. haha .. which means the heckles are always half hearted making it easy for the comics to tear them apart.. muHAHA.

Interestingly I bumped into someone I used to work with… which was surreal… in fact.. very surreal!!

(the other) Will Smith was really funny, who is unashamedly proud of how posh he is, very anally retentive, as you can see from some of the other work that he’s done.

Entertaining evening! Will definitely do again.

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