Rick Seymour

Power tools and fishface

Back from a morning/afternoon with Sonia from over in Darwen, I basically texted to say “Fancy breakfast? I’m craving bacon and coffee”. So it’s been a lovely day (the bacon was nice too) with me lending a hand, helping clear out her back garden as she’s looking to sell her house. There is a tonne of crap in the back garden… but the best thing was playing with powertools (yea yea..!!) cutting up an old work top and an old christmas tree.

For some reason though her 6 year old has decided that I’m called Fishface…. Lovely(!) Well until I played 5 pin bowling and badminton in the back garden with her. Have to say though it’s col just how many random games children can come up with, from jumping over that to throwing this to making swatting of hoverflies into a game!

So yea… Had a fun afternoon!

Ta chuck! :)

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Power tools and fishface
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