Rick Seymour

How not to do political activism

When a population marches to bring attention to a political cause they must understand the environment in which they are operating. I’m talking about the recent march against the war in Palestine, well I say a war, what I mean is ethnic cleasing and deep rooted hatred between two peoples.

However this blog is not about the injustices in the Middle East but that march here in Preston.

Basically the march consisted of 2000 ….. oh.. its just easier to say British Asians. Bar one…. Michael Lavalette. For me this march failed as it failed to bring in people from a wider demographic background, and therefore one must obviously ask onesself “Was it worth it”.

Local activism has it’s place. And obviously my background in running for council has taught me that local activism WORKS but local activism on national and international matters does not.

To make a difference one must motivate the powers that be to act, at a level that is consistant with the action being at a level you want. Ie…. international stuff… at least at national level

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