Rick Seymour

Internet Dating – Facts and home truths

Internet dating…. how does it compare to dating in “The Real World” TM?

Well firstly take real world speed dating and times it by 1,000,000 …. people want results quickly, as fast as a single left mouse button click…. to jump from complete anonymity to totally besotted in the blink of an eye.

To be honest I think this is where most people go wrong and end up searching for what appears to be a millenia when really all they need to do is let Biology take control. We as mammals… and people form complex social bonds with people that take a while to form. Dont delude yourself into thinking that you can fall in love in 5 minutes… it takes time…. so…. put time in…

Don’t jump from person to person to person … moving on before you have had the time to fully find out if you like the person…. go by this simple …. well.. thing

5 minutes – if you can bear to be around the person.

5 dates – if you can share some mutual compatibility

5 months – if you can live with someone without ripping their head off

5 years – if you’d want to have kids with them

Stick to these .. ….  Hey .. what do i know? trust your instincts… just give people a chance to express themselves and for you to feel comfy with them

Stay safe… be happy :)

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