Rick Seymour

What is sweet

recently watched a TED talk in which
tv show on Darwin’s experiments to show how a plant in a marsh

the envionment in which they grow is carbon rich but nitrogen low. therefore the plant has evolved to traps insects in order to “eat” the high protein.

an experiment was undertaken to show that sugar water does not cause the “eating” response of the plant but a nitrogen rich solution does. Therefore it can be shown that the stimulus for the “eating” is nitrogen.

Animals on the other hand, especially mammals can generally find sources of protein but need to store high energy molecules for times of famine. Therefore we have learned to respond favourably to these sources.

eating high sugar foods makes you feel good…… but on a higher level certain experiences also can illicite these “good feelings”. Each individual has a different response to a stimulus by means of intensity. Does the brain need to store that “experience” as a good one, and make you do it again and again.

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