Rick Seymour

Taxi Conversations

I personally see taxi driving as a way to interact with people on a non confrontational basis, a chance to share experiences, and obviously to get the other person to where they want to go. Recently I’ve had the opportunity to go back out driving for Millers.

One thing I do love about being part time back out on the road is the ability to mix with people that I normally wouldnt get the chance to. We certainly are a varied bunch here in Preston!!!

What I’ll try and do is list any of the good conversations I have with people. Keep it all anonymous and I’ll just use the to and from areas

Withy Trees to City Centre.
Group of Londoners, asked me for a group photo. Maybe I shouldn’t have

Tulketh to City Centre
Had a date cancelled and so going into city for a couple of drinks with friend to go “rar”

City Centre to Withy Trees (via Cadley)
Same two girls I picked up on Friday night so there was a minute of “arghhhh youuuuuuu again!!”.

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