Rick Seymour

Brand equity

What are you worth?

Simple question really…. and no I don’t mean your body, your mind.. but you.. the essence of you… what the sum of your being is worth. I’ve been following the VLogs of Gary Vaynerchuk regarding brand equity, basically what is Rick Seymour, RickSeymour.com and the ideas and actions of me… actually worth. You have a brand… you have an identity. People can easily come up with a statement to describe you…. mine is that I’m honest. Always have been always will be…. that coupled with a vibrancy that is strangely rarely seen.

Whatever you think…. that opinion that people have about you…. IS WORTH SOMETHING. I’m not saying that you should sell yourself …. but .. sell the brand that is you…. and make it count for something

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Brand equity
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