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Pushy women

Below is this mornings text conversation. I have nothing against women who are assertive and say what they want, in fact I actively encourage it. But….. there is a limit. Dating should be about mutually merging with someone not taking over their time. So do I cut ties or change my plans and go for it!? Answers on a postage stamp!

Her: When we meeting?

Me: Today? When?

Her: I cant today I told you that

Me: Ah well I’m thinking of heading to Manchester today :)

Her: So when can we

Me: Friday  morning or Sunday. Righty. Up and active :)

Her: What about Friday night?

Me: Nope sorry chuck. My nights are all booked up. Friday going out for a meal with this new group I’ve just met

Her: Well I want a date

Her: :(

Her: Rick?

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Pushy women
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  1. Beca

    So funny!! Thats exactly what we’re like isn’t it!!? hahahaha!
    Ask her out Sunday afternoon then if it goes well it can lead to a meal n a drink out- Sunday’s are great for dates- you spend all afternoon with them, possibley evening and can still be home n in bed by 11 and not felt like you’ve only been there for an hour!
    Good luck anyway! hahahahahahaahahaha!!

    March 26, 2009 at 10:01 am Reply