Rick Seymour

advice from the parents – mortgages

been up to Cumbria to see the parents for a chat a chin wag and a catch. but mainly to get their opinion on whether or not I should buy a house.
I’ve been saving for a few months and I now I can afford a 2 or 3 bed terrace in a decent area by myself. but do I want to. do I want to tie up all my liquid assets in bricks and mortar for the next X decades. do I want to travel? do I want my own business? decisions decisions.

technically now is the best time to buy. but I don’t think im ready, I’ve no dependants. just me to think about. no real need to build a nest.(im still a biologist remember)
thoughts appreciated

if I do go for a house ill be offering at least 2 15k less than the asking price.

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