Rick Seymour

Frazzled, Burned, Tanned

Tonight been for a tan with Louise…. had myself a “cheeky 6 minutes” (more later). Went to Chrisma, 261a Plungington Road (01772787575), not bad price (3 minutes = £2, 6 minutes = £3) and very.. errr professional receptionist. I say “cheeky” because when I was phoning up to book the lovely receptionist thought I was a regular who she recognised .. he for some reason always asks for a “cheeky 6 minutes”.

Have to say though….. 6 minutes on a 200W sunbed… I’ve just peached a little bit… rosy cheeks…. like me on alcohol :)

We’re going back this week …. massage… and.. what not.. not sure what the what is :)

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