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Will geek for food

Tonight has been one of those interesting ones…. went round to Sonia’s to fix two of her computers in exchange for a full Sunday roast and chocolate cheesecake for afters…. although as I was leaving the office Sally (from the same town) was saying that that offer was really cheap as her and her dad was looking for someone to fix their tech.. and someone wanted £35 an hour….. hmmm maybe I should have asked for a 5 course with wine and whisky.

I managed to get one out of the two machines working (ram issues) and get Sonia her photos back. So after we sat about nattering about how we both needed to get ourselves out there.. and not in the dating scene… but generally. We both came up with an excellent saying

Looking for someone who I can say “I do X Y & Z with my life… would you like to join me”. Rather than going “I’m R from Z this is my personality… this is what i’ve done and this is what i hope to do”. Sharing is just as much about experiences as it is about time.

So yea…. tomorrow I’m ringing up a couple of groups (Zest & Spice). Sonia suggested that as I’ve got the week off I should check out the Tate Modern in Liverpool… either that or wait till Wednesday and we’d go together… I said I’d bring her along to the social meet that Zest have got on…

So high five to you chuck… lovely evening! I think we’ve both inspired each other!!!

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Will geek for food
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