Rick Seymour

Seawynds Hest Bank

The previous tenant called this flat “her little haven”, and that is a sentiment I can fully understand.

Living Room in Seawynds flat

This 1 bed flat in the centre of Hest Bank opposite (and overlooking) “The Hest Bank” pub, gives amazing views of Morecambe Bay on two sides, with near panoramic views of some of Lancashire’s most beautiful scenery.

The living room is huge, with 3 large windows each with seating area in front, to allow the relaxer the aforementioned views.

The general decor of the property is from the 1970s, with ceiling beams in a dark stain certainly does bring out the history of the building.

The building itself is named “The Old Hall“, and has been all manner of functions through its life starting in the 1500s before being converted into flats in the 1900 century.

A beautiful flat in a beautiful location.

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