Rick Seymour

Bed rest? Torture more like!

Having just come round with the lurgy that’s been going round I’ve actually tried to sit still for more than a couple of minutes, stay in bed and get myself well. I suppose though I must start this by saying I went out yesterday for coffee, which probably wasn’t the best thing and looking like Patient Zero isn’t appealing to most.

I’ve utilised the time by updating my profiles…. twitter..  all the things that we say we are going to do but never seem to get round to. Although this extended period in bed doing all those things I should do more regularly has lead to an interesting turn of events….

My shoulder is now screaming at me…. you see there are only a couple of degrees of a position where you can be in bed on a laptop for more than a few minutes and be comfy or you end up wiggling for hours… I did the latter.

So to summerise .. which is better…. being ill in bed and getting a sore shoulder typing on your side.. or… getting out into the “fresh” air…. I’ll let you decide…. i’m going to go out and sweat like……. well :)

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