Rick Seymour

NESTA quango to be replaced with Trust and Charity

Department for Business Innovation and Skills and hosting a consultation on whether the quango NESTA should be abolished and replaced with a Trust and a Charity to manage government innovation initatives.

Question 1: Do you agree that NESTA should have increased independence from Government?

NESTA enables the government to fund projects that benefit society.

I do however think that funds distributed have been too close to the current “wind direction” of the government and a more long term approach would be best suited (2-3 parliament terms).

The Government does need to streamline its “innovation”, as Cabinet Office, NHS etc etc have innovation “hubs”, if NESTA is rolled out then wouldn’t it be competing with Big Lottery Fund etc?

If they are rolled out then I would like to see one arm be a “funding finder” to assist innovative items.

Question 2: Do you consider the Government’s proposal to be the most suitable option to allow NESTA to continue with its current work?

I am curious as to the non-transfer of gilts that NESTA has. Surely this should be transferred with the organisation as it rolls out from government.

NESTA would be better used to create innovative ideas from individuals that help local and national government, as a way to reduce costs as local authorities currently rely on private sector, hugely expensive software applications / solutions. NESTA could fund then roll out innovations across the country.

Question 3: Do you consider that the Government has explored all the options relevant to NESTA?

NESTA could bring in the Skunkworks team who could use funds to help innovators with making their reality happen. Some people have ideas, some can code programmes. The government has both in-house.

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